Espirometría voluntaria para entender la función pulmonar en morsas

Alicia Borque Espinosa, Biologist and pre-doctoral researcher at the University of Valencia and the Oceanogràfic Foundation. His research work focuses on the study of the physiology of the respiratory system in different species of marine mammals, with the aim of improving conservation efforts to help protect these animals in their natural environment.

Vicki Putman-Weber, entrenadora senior de orcas en SeaWorld.

We had the opportunity to interview Vicki Putman-Weber, senior killer whale trainer at SeaWorld.

She was born in Albany (USA), and she studied biology at Linn–Benton Community College and Zoology at Oregon State University. She began her career in 2000 as an intern at Oregon Coast Aquarium working with seals and sea lions. Later she worked at Ocean World, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and finally at SeaWorld San Diego, in California.

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