The new Marine Mammals course is here!

From January 22 to 28.
Don't miss a unique opportunity to learn everything about marine mammal training.

An exclusively designed course, and unique in Spain, where you will learn both theory and practice with such emblematic species as dolphins, sea lions and seals.
For more information, do not hesitate to write to us at
Curso de mamíferos marinos

¡Hi! we are WeZooit

Wezooit is an animal training consultancy formed by a team of experienced trainers in the zoological sector, working with different species and always using advanced training techniques based on operant conditioning.

They have worked remotely and provided advice on staff training and animal training in institutions such as the Rewilding Argentina Foundation, collaborating on the reintroduction project of the red macaw in the province of Corrientes.

Wezooit was born out of the desire of three colleagues to share and expand knowledge about animal training and welfare by creating content and ideas accessible to everyone.

And remember, if it's possible...WeZooit!

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